About Us

Colin McCrae, Petter Solberg and Richard Burns are to name but a few of the professional legends who have driven the iconic forest stages here at The Forest Experience. Now, teams still choose to come to our venue because of the unique opportunity and challenge it presents. The likes of the world famous Marcus Gronholm and current British Rally winner Ollie Mellors have used the venue for developing the Proton R5 as well as up and coming talent Osian Pryce, Tom Williams and current BRC Champion, Matt Edwards, for driver development and car set up. Ross Leach of RJW Experiences took over The Forest Experience, formerly the Higgins Rally School, in 2016. Ross Leach, owner and current competitor, strives to create a platform of development within rallying and to also engage and invite newcomers to the sport.

He and his team have taken great care over the last four years improving the various courses (available for drivers of all levels) to maximise driving time at a competitive price. The key attraction for new-comers is that the Forest Experience is the only Rally School venue with real Forest Rally Stages. The team have taken time to cultivate the quality of the stage for Motorsport competitors testing and customers doing a course. “The stage has to replicate competitor roads across the UK and abroad so people can confidently test and develop their Rally cars. From 1400 Corsa’s to 400bhp WRC cars, I can confidently say it can accommodate for all.” The proof is there with top UK and International teams using the venue.

Drivers can benefit by increasing their car-control skills and have found it “as valuable as testing on ice in Sweden”.

The Gribyn forest in which the school runs, is based in Carno; a rural town in Mid Wales just over 10 miles from Newtown. Carno is not only a perfect location for a Rally test venue, but private for Motorsport teams who want to test in peace, away from prying eyes. Customers visiting the school for an Experience Course enjoy the “adventure feel” traveling from busy towns or cities to the secluded and rural area.

Here at The Forest Experience, all we can promise it that you will enjoy every moment of the challenging and enticing stage and not everyone can say that they have driven on the same piece of road as Colin McCrae.